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Explore ancient mythologies with Mythopedia and get the lowdown on the gods, goddesses, myths and legends of the world.

Dive deep into mythologies spanning the globe, from the classic Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse tales to the early folklore of China and Japan—and let's not forget the Aztecs and Egyptians.


Discover famous quotes, authors and topics with Quoterati, your new source for top-shelf quotes (and easy on the eyes).

Simple, elegant and ever-growing, Quoterati is designed for those searching for a more refined quotation experience, surfacing famous authors and popular topics on a daily basis.

Christmas HQ

Get a jump on your holiday prep with Christmas HQ, featuring free design resources, recipes, decorations and more.

Ring in the holiday with our one stop shop for all things Christmas related. Download a slew of design freebies for your projects, find holiday party games, and discover delicious treats.

GPA Calculator

Calculate your GPA in style with our super fresh GPA Calculator, for high school, college and cumulative GPAs.

Created for students of all ages and academic caliber, our GPA calculator lets anyone easily track their GPA or class grade, and convert letter grades to grade points.

Chinese New Year

Experience the history, myths, taboos and traditions, festivals and food of the 2022 Chinese New Year.

Developed with evergreen content, our Chinese New Year website is the most comprehensive resource for learning just about anything related to the Spring Festival in 2022.

Word Counter

With a best-in-class UI, Word Counter lets you easily count words, characters and pages in real time.

Built for performance, our intuitive word counting web tool is easy to use, featuring keyword density, supporting content and adaptive metrics for both short and long texts.

Lorem Ipsum

A modern look for an old classic, Lorem Ipsum is the best filler text generator for all your layouts and mockups.

Designed for the future, our lorem ipsum generator enables print, graphic and web designers to quickly create placeholder text for any layout, presentation or prototype.